Cute Short Sword of Death

Here's one more study. This time, a process of creating a cute sword.


Made in Blender



Sketching some thrones.

The Heartless


Another character concept. This guy fell in battle but returned to life by the hands of the God of Death. Carrying the power of his master in his chest, he became an undead slave who obeys the orders of his savior.

This time put their equipment in tiers. I will continue this universe creating scenarios, weapons, armor, characters, etc..

Thank you!


Shields Challenge

I made these shields to the challenge site Polycount called "noob 2d challenge - November!" The rules were:

Starts November 2nd and ends on November 16th
It can be fantasy, sci-fi, steam punk, whatever genre you can think of.
It has to be something usable for a single human sized character
It needs to be finished to your digital but starting / designing steps can be traditional.

Then I thought about making these shields. The first sketch is based on a simple shield made ​​by humans. The second is a magic shield designed by dwarves. It will light your way and you protect.

Thank you all.

Cartoon Aliens

Hello friends! This time I am posting a study of creating characters, props and animations. The concepts were done in photoshop and flash animations in. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you all.

If you are unable to view the video go to link below and see through my deviantart: http://erikguarisco.deviantart.com/art/Bonzai-trooper-Walk-Cycle-01-329697332

If you are unable to view the video go to link below and see through my deviantart: http://erikguarisco.deviantart.com/art/Walk-cycle-02-Bonzai-Trooper-329698193


Character Animated

Hi, guys!

This boy with the sword and shield is one of my first game characters. His name is Pepê and I did it for a educational game called "questionária", where the player had to chose correct answer to defeat his enemy and continue your journey.

Hope you like. :)


Hi everybody!

My name is Érik Guarisco and I am a concept artist that works with characters, enviroments and props for games. I started my carrer 7 years ago, illustrating educational materials and improving my techniques. And now it´s time to change to focus only in what I want more, game design.

So this first post is basically an introdution and an explanation for what I decided to create Press Concept Art Blog: To show you my studies, personal projects, work in progresses and tell you that I avaiable for freelance work.

Feel free to contact me: eriknun@hotmail.com
Thanks all!